Vitreus Art

Meeting Jenny Timms and Mike Caddy from Vitreus Art in Adstock the other day really was a pleasure, they were both welcoming and happy to discuss their art with me. Vitreus Art creates beautiful stained glass works, perfect for people looking to add a flair of originality and colour to a front door, or window. They also create wall pieces mounted on board, something which seemed to be a fresh and modern alternative to a painting to brighten up a room.


I was fortunate to be able to watch as Jenny worked on one of their pieces, using a copper foil method to create intricate designs by carefully cutting the coloured sheets of glass and soldering them into place. I always find glass fascinating, especially how it changes instantaneously as the light hits it.


Their beautiful glass artwork has now reached as far as Canada and the USA since Jenny and Mike turned the hobby into a career around 9 years ago. From viewing their collection, I noticed that the style is very recognizable as a Vitreus Art creation. Jenny discussed the importance of having an individual style, mentioning that they cater to all commissions but do prefer the occasional chance to unleash their own creativity on a piece- this must be what makes their work so original.


Art at Gawcott Church

A visit to Gawcott Church this fortnight should not go amiss! The collection of art work on display there is very impressive and a wide range to suit all tastes and interests. Ten artists have exhibited their work here, including Jan Pursey-Grange’s bold and bright watercolours, and her beautiful silk paintings of flowers where the paints bleed into one another creating a charming spectrum of colours.


Alongside Jan’s work is Sue Dix’s charming watercolours, Irene Foster and Peter Barker’s work in oils and Lisa Campbell’s vibrant oil on canvas paintings of quaint cafe scenes and street views which remind me of holidays in Italy.


There are many more artists to see however, so worth the trip!

Tlws Johnson

Today I was delighted to meet Tlws Johnson at her studio in Gawcott. It is evident the moment you walk into her workshop that she specializes in glass as bright coloured glass ornaments glimmer from every available surface. Tlws works with fused and cast glass made in a kiln, the colour is added through coloured glass powder. Her creations usually begin as models made out of an array of materials, such as wax, clay and polystyrene, these each have their own individual effect on the glass, leaving unique impressions and completely original one-off works of art. Definitely worth getting your hands on one of these lovely sculptures!


Here is a video of Tlws at work:

Tlws enrolled in a ceramics and glass course at arts college as a mature student, graduating in 1996. She slowly found her love of glass and since has been developing beautiful pieces from sculptures and window hangings to bowls and small glass pieces on greeting cards.


I thoroughly enjoyed talking to Tlws about her artwork, and getting an insight into the wonderful world of glass casting and fusing. Well worth a trip!

Paul Bursnall


I had the pleasure of kicking off my BOS  experience by meeting the painter, Paul Bursnall, in Gawcott today. Paul’s studio was host to a wonderful selection of paintings, mostly nautical scenes of seaside houses and boats, in acrylic paint with ink lines. Paul takes photos himself on trips to the coast in Cornwall. I found the paintings quite charming in bold colours with a quirky and ‘naive’ style. They are definitely worth seeing if you are looking for something to liven up a room.


Paul is a self-trained artist who began to paint professionally around 8 years ago after a career in sales. Paul mentioned that he takes some of the inspiration from the bright and modern style of Irish artist, J P Rooney. He has successfully turned a hobby into a career and now displays his work in galleries across the UK, 12 altogether in places such as Bath, Winsor and Stratford Upon Avon.

Paul paints in a contemporary style which has already grabbed a lot of attention from other BOS visitors, so my advice is to visit him asap and take a look!

BOS has begun!

Finally the Bucks Open Studios fortnight is here. Kick off the summer with day trips out to visit your local artists.

Tomorrow I hope to visit Gawcott (numbers 16-18 on the BOS art trail map). I plan to meet the painter Paul Bursnall ( and view a selection of artwork in a group exhibition at Gawcott Church. After I will hopefully try my hand at contemporary stained glass in Adstock with Vitreus Art (!

Keep reading the blog for more info and pictures of what I see on my trips to the Buckingham and Winslow area!