Laura Boswell

Laura’s fabulous studio is hidden at the bottom of her garden in Winslow. Throughout the BOS fortnight, Laura has been demonstrating and exhibiting her work with Japanese waterbased woodblock prints and colour reduction lino prints.


Laura was inspired after an 8 week course in Japan, she was able to study the traditional craft of Japanese print making which is such an important part of the country’s artistic culture. Laura discussed with me how Japanese art became popularised by the USA after the Second World War. Although, she suggests that it should be more widely practiced as the artistic effects and characterisitics the process creates is beautiful.


Alongside her Japanese prints are the lino cuts. These are equally as beautiful, yet have a more bold and linear quality than the Japanese soft and dreamy style. The processes she uses to create the artwork seemed very complex to me, though Laura was able to make it seem to effortless! If you are interested in the chance to try out these methods of printmaking, Laura teaches classes, so absolutely worth learning all the specialist techniques she uses. ImageImage


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