Debs Last and Zoe Day

I recommend a trip to visit Debs and Zoe at the Buckingham Art School by Stowe Castle.


Debs is a contemporary installation artist who has combined her interest in the anatomy with the concept of self-image and beauty. Her latest exhibition has toured the UK ( it can be seen at the upcoming MK Fringe arts festival) and involves a combination of imprints of womens’ bodies in paint onto canvas and highly detailed anatomical drawing. Debs explained to me that her work revolves around the idea of body image and self-worth; she aims to challenged the established notions of what ‘beautiful’ means in contemporary society. It was really interesting to discuss this issue with the artist and learn how she has made her argument into a visual installation.


Zoe is a professional portrait painter and a published illustrator. She paints her portraits in a traditional realist style, while her illustrations are more free and have a modern twist. Zoe is currently exploring a new interest in painting birds, using acrylic paint and cling film to create exciting new effects. I enjoyed meeting Zoe as we shared a love of the old masters, and expressed the importance of looking back at these certain iconic artists for inspiration and direction in our own work. Zoe also discussed the contemporary artists who she looks to for inspiration, such as Jonathan Yeo and Will Cotton.


Zoe and Debs will be running life drawing classes and many more classes across the summer, a perfect opportunity for those wishing to develop their skills.


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