Cathy Read and Alexandra Buckle

While there is still time, I recommend a trip to Tingewick to visit Cathy Read and Alexandra Buckle in Cathy’s converted Victorian chapel home.


Cathy’s paintings feature modern architectural structures and buildings which Cathy has visited across the UK. Her method of creating the artwork is both complex and completely original. Cathy begins by drawing out the design onto paper, then draws over it with masking fluid. This is followed by a wash of watercolour, using clingfilm and sometimes salt to create interesting undulations of the paint on the paper’s surface. Finally, she often highlights certain areas of the image by applying ink and blowing the wet ink across the paper with a straw, leaving a painting which ‘looks like something from a dystopian universe’. ¬†These paintings are truly original and worth a visit if you have time this weekend.



Alex specialises in relief printing, her lino prints are absolutely worth checking out this weekend before BOS ends for 2014. Her lino prints require carefully planned and cut out sections of lino onto which ink is rolled on and it is pressed in a printing press. Alex blends and rolls out the colours on a separate glass plate, then rolls this onto the sheet of lino, allowing the ink to blend further under the pressure of the printing press. The visual appearance of her lino print suits the subject of nature which most of Alex’s artworks depict. The different layers of colour add texture and a 3D effect to the final piece.



Absolutely worth the visit to Tingewick to see both of these artists at work!


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