Peter Keegan

On Wednesday it was wonderful to see Peter Keegan again, Peter is a portraiture and landscape artist who works predominantly in oils and charcoal.  Peter is an award-winning artist, he recently became winner of the Artists and Illustrators People’s Choice Award in 2013. It is absolutely worth the trip to Winslow, before this year’s BOS ends, to explore Peter’s studio and see first-hand his latest work.


Peter is very open to taking commissions for portraits, if you have a few hours come and sit for your very own portrait by the artist. I can personally recommend the experience as I was fortunate to sit for a portrait by Peter last summer! It is fascinating to watch an artist work and witness all the stages as he forms the portrait. He also runs one to one sessions in his studio for those wishing to learn the tricks of the trade and try your hand at portrait painting.


Peter is a figurative and representational artist whose style is modern, completely original and refreshing. Peter is beginning to experiment more in colour, using it in a vibrant and bold way to add life to portraits, capturing the appearance and individual characteristics of the sitter with an alla prima (wet on wet) technique. Paint is applied to the canvas with both brush and palette knife, this use of palette knife is clearly identified in his growing collection of landscapes.


It is always a pleasure to discuss art with Peter Keegan. It would certainly be a missed opportunity if you do not visit him at his studio in Winslow before the end of the weekend!





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