Paul Millichip and Shirley Bradford

A few days ago I had the pleasure of meeting Paul and Shirley in their medieval house in Winslow.


Paul’s life time of dedication to his art and successful career really shows the moment you walk into his converted barn studio, with paintings covering the walls and floor. Paul works mostly in watercolour with collage and defines the linear qualities of his work with crayon, he also paints in bright oils colours which reflect his work abroad in India, Greece and Morocco. Paul paints entirely from sketches he makes on sketchbooks which he would take with him on his travels, it was interesting to look at the black and white sketches and see them transformed into brightly coloured paintings.


His paintings are mostly on a larger scale and each have their own individual quirky style which is definitely recognisable as that belonging to Paul Millichip. Paul paints in an abstract way, using figurative subjects in dynamic spaces. His vibrant use of colour is one of the most attractive qualities in his work, they were each very beautiful and individual artworks which I would have proudly wanted to display in my home.


 Paul’s wife, Shirley took up painting more recently, around 1995, after studying in France for four years. Shirley mainly paints landscapes in a contemporary style with watercolours.


Her use of watercolours is bold and rich, showing characteristics of this medium that many people are unfamiliar with. Shirley explained to me that she preferred watercolours as she believes the possibilities are endless when painting in landscapes, her landscapes at night are particularly atmospheric with large focus on dramatic lighting. Shirley has always kept illustrated journals while travelling with Paul, these are her main sources of inspiration for her work. Shirley runs painting workshop days and courses at their barn studio.



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