Helen Shaw, Clare Tebboth and Mel Makinson

A trip to Little Horwood to see the work of these three artists should be a thing to do in this nice weather. Each artist has her own personal style and subject, meaning that it is definitely worth the visit to see the variety of the art they have displayed.


Clare’s seascapes are perfectly nostalgic of holidays on the English coastline; her work often features recognizable scenes from Norfolk, Suffolk and Devon. She is very open to commissions, and often develops her paintings from holiday photos of family members on the beach.


Helen mostly works on mixed media figurative paintings, but has recently developed a passion for lino prints in which she uses different materials to create exciting techniques when the print is inked and pressed. Helen’s figurative work allows the paint, or water-soluble pencil, to run and express itself on the canvas, leaving atmospheric and emotive images of nudes she has studied at life drawing classes.


Mel’s career as an art teacher led her to develop her interest in painting and explore new methods. Her landscapes reflect this exploratory style. What particularly caught my eye were her paintings of wooded landscape which focus on dramatic lighting as the sun hits the trees.


I thoroughly enjoyed meeting each of these artists last week, and would recommend a trip to Little Horwood before BOS finishes this weekend!





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