Vitreus Art

Meeting Jenny Timms and Mike Caddy from Vitreus Art in Adstock the other day really was a pleasure, they were both welcoming and happy to discuss their art with me. Vitreus Art creates beautiful stained glass works, perfect for people looking to add a flair of originality and colour to a front door, or window. They also create wall pieces mounted on board, something which seemed to be a fresh and modern alternative to a painting to brighten up a room.


I was fortunate to be able to watch as Jenny worked on one of their pieces, using a copper foil method to create intricate designs by carefully cutting the coloured sheets of glass and soldering them into place. I always find glass fascinating, especially how it changes instantaneously as the light hits it.


Their beautiful glass artwork has now reached as far as Canada and the USA since Jenny and Mike turned the hobby into a career around 9 years ago. From viewing their collection, I noticed that the style is very recognizable as a Vitreus Art creation. Jenny discussed the importance of having an individual style, mentioning that they cater to all commissions but do prefer the occasional chance to unleash their own creativity on a piece- this must be what makes their work so original.


One thought on “Vitreus Art

  1. Well, it has been an interesting Bucks Open Studios 2014 for Vitreus Art, thanks to all of you who came to visit, those that purchased and those that booked class places. We look forward to an exciting time during the rest of the year. We have now completed 4 panels of the four seasons – it has been great working outside in the sunshine and showing people how we create our art. Thanks very much to Jess for taking the time to visit and for a great write up.
    Also, a big thanks to the Bucks OS committee for organising this county-wide event.

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