Tlws Johnson

Today I was delighted to meet Tlws Johnson at her studio in Gawcott. It is evident the moment you walk into her workshop that she specializes in glass as bright coloured glass ornaments glimmer from every available surface. Tlws works with fused and cast glass made in a kiln, the colour is added through coloured glass powder. Her creations usually begin as models made out of an array of materials, such as wax, clay and polystyrene, these each have their own individual effect on the glass, leaving unique impressions and completely original one-off works of art. Definitely worth getting your hands on one of these lovely sculptures!


Here is a video of Tlws at work:

Tlws enrolled in a ceramics and glass course at arts college as a mature student, graduating in 1996. She slowly found her love of glass and since has been developing beautiful pieces from sculptures and window hangings to bowls and small glass pieces on greeting cards.


I thoroughly enjoyed talking to Tlws about her artwork, and getting an insight into the wonderful world of glass casting and fusing. Well worth a trip!


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