Paul Bursnall


I had the pleasure of kicking off my BOS  experience by meeting the painter, Paul Bursnall, in Gawcott today. Paul’s studio was host to a wonderful selection of paintings, mostly nautical scenes of seaside houses and boats, in acrylic paint with ink lines. Paul takes photos himself on trips to the coast in Cornwall. I found the paintings quite charming in bold colours with a quirky and ‘naive’ style. They are definitely worth seeing if you are looking for something to liven up a room.


Paul is a self-trained artist who began to paint professionally around 8 years ago after a career in sales. Paul mentioned that he takes some of the inspiration from the bright and modern style of Irish artist, J P Rooney. He has successfully turned a hobby into a career and now displays his work in galleries across the UK, 12 altogether in places such as Bath, Winsor and Stratford Upon Avon.

Paul paints in a contemporary style which has already grabbed a lot of attention from other BOS visitors, so my advice is to visit him asap and take a look!


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